Let’s Celebrate: We’re taking over PI Day

Join the Comprara and Purchasing Index Team to take over Pi Day

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Pi Day on March 14th is an annual opportunity for maths enthusiasts around the world to recite the infinite digits of Pi, talk to their friends about maths, and to eat Pie.  But this year we’re taking over and redefining Pi Day to put big data for procurement professionals in the middle of the circle – even if you’re not a maths enthusiast.

What is Pi?

Pi is one of the most useful and fundamental quantities we know. Pi is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. Pi is everywhere, a cornerstone of statistics, fractals, thermodynamics, mechanics, cosmology, number theory, electromagnetism, medicine, and of course, construction – one of the oldest uses of pi! Can you imagine a world without pi?

Pi is endless

It is hard for us to imagine a world without pi because pi is old. For over 4000 years, humans have known and used the pi constant. One Babylonian tablet from circa 1900–1680 BC indicates a value of 3.125 for π, which is a very close approximation.  Over millennia, mathematicians refined pi further, and we are still hunting for more digits of pi!

Big Data is endless

Here at Purchasing Index, PI means big data.  Like Pi, big data is endless but with the right maths you can create meaning from the billions, trillions or a “googolplex” (1x 10^100) of data.  Imagine the competitive advantage you could gain from that amount of data.

The precise calculations mathematics allows us to perform, frees us from having to rely on guesswork and luck. With Pi, we have circumnavigated the Earth but Airlines today don’t just use pi on navigation, they use PI on big data to keep us travelling around the globe.

Eat Pie without knowing how to cook

Pi is magic and we benefit from it every day without understanding the maths.  In the same way using benchmarking and data visualization using services like ProcureTRAK can make sense of big data related to you supply chain and spend analysis

Join the Take Over: Two Ways to have fun on PI Day

We want procurement professional to have fun on PI Day so here are two suggestions:

1. Grab a pie, grab your phone and post on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter a fun photo of you (or your procurement team) eating pie.  #PIDayTakeover #PIDay

2. Have PI fun with our online benchmark wizard where you can benchmark your costs against our global purchasing data.  Leave us a comment on our Purchasing Index Facebook page to tell us how you measured up.

Chat with us on PI Day

P-I can help you have your PI and eat it too! With over 18 years of spend analysis experience, as well as a whole range of data services from cleaning to visualisation, we think we can help you as much as Archimedes helped his native Syracuse from invasion with his pi powered screw pump, compound pulleys, and defensive war machines!

Call us, email, comment on social media, we’ll PI with you any way you want.  HAPPY PI DAY!