You are brilliant at procurement today. But will you be tomorrow?

Behind every successful product and service is a brilliant procurement team … a team who finds innovation, and uncovers value. Procurement has contributed to the delivery of outstanding global business achievements … global communications … economically providing essential services for those who need them the most, … making electronics more affordable for customers around the world. Be proud, it is our profession that powers relationships across the globe, every day.

But what will we do next? What will be the future of work? With the encroachment of AI in all facets of business and the looming crunch from the ageing population around the corner, the procurement profession today is beset with uncertainty.

Knowing the unknown.

You influence, negotiate, invigorate, powerfully lead supply chains and dramatically change markets. Yet, in a decade we may be doing tasks that are not yet invented so we probably don’t know a lot more than we do know. Some skills will be relevant and place us in good stead for our future, other skills may become redundant … what skills and knowledge will we need to deliver?

What will the landscape of procurement be in 2025?

The International Federation of Purchasing & Supply Management (IFPSM), together with SkillsGAP Analysis, are benchmarking the skills that procurement professionals will need to progress their careers to 2025 and beyond. The Global Procurement Capability Benchmark will allow procurement professionals to measure their current skillset against projected optimal skillset to identify the gaps that need to be addressed.

Seven capability pillars.

The Global Procurement Capability Benchmark is built on seven pillars of capability. These pillars are,
1. Data Analysis & Insights
2. Category Management & Innovation
3. Business Partnership & Brand
4. Relationships & Value
5. Operate & Negotiate
6. Performance & Result
7. Sustainability & Ethics
The seven pillars were chosen because they capture the essential skills that will be needed in Procurement 4.0 as Industry to move us into the next phase of its evolution. Each capability pillar supports a set of underlying themes. For example, the Data Analysis & Insights pillar support the underlying themes of Big Data, Opportunity Analysis, Market Analysis, Cost Benchmarking, Predictive Analytics … and more. Procurement professionals can use the benchmark to test their knowledge and skill level in these themes. Thus, gain insight into how capable they are within each pillar. The insight gained is important in planning the progress of procurement careers.

If boundaries between physical and digital shift, should we?

In the coming years, the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds will continue to erode. One grand vision of the future digital supply chain is of the customer choosing an item to buy from the comfort of their home. That item than getting manufactured on the fly using digital printing. Then delivered straight from the factory to the customer’s door by drone within the hour. All this at a fraction of the cost today. While we might not reach that level of the factory to final customer dynamic, all procurement professionals must ask themselves if they have the right skills for Procurement 2025. The Global Procurement Capability Benchmark is designed to take the uncertainty out of the skill assessment process. Register by clicking here.

The greatest enemy of progress is our last success.

Our profession could become so proud of what we have already achieved that we relax, and become complacent. Instead, by gaining knowledge and true insight into your career journey, the Global Procurement Capability Benchmark empowers you with the knowledge that you can act upon. It is not the end of your procurement career if you don’t have today the skills you need tomorrow. But it will be the end of your procurement career if you don’t have the skills you need in the future when the future becomes the present. Register to take part in the benchmark –
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