It’s 2018, time to reflect – and see the wood from the trees.


Though it might seem like a completely arbitrary line in the eternal sands of time, the New Year is still a good time to reflect. With 2018 still in its infancy, may we suggest taking the time to accept our invitation to participate in the inaugural Global Procurement Capability Benchmark?

The change was everywhere in 2017 in the domain of procurement, ranging from the high-tech revolutions brought about through increased automation to non-tech demands for more socially aware procurement. The change is unlikely to stop in 2018 and the profession is going to continue to evolve.

Gain perspective to get ready!

The question is: are you ready for the change? You might have answered yes, you might have answered no. Whatever your answer, what is your basis for it? We live in the era of data and in this era we cannot just assume things about ourselves. We need data about ourselves and the Global Procurement Capabilities Benchmark helps, not only individuals to obtain data about their own skills but gives the data meaning by contextualising it in comparison to others.

The procurement profession offers a vital cog in our economy and the backbone of many others. Through benchmarking you will discover the capabilities needed to progress your career. As well, benchmarking is a form of reflecting.

Learn about yourself, in context of others.

We no longer live in a world when time alone will mature our skills. We have to actively plan to upskill and to know upon which skills we need to concentrate. We need to gain insight into our journey and benchmarking will help with planning.

There was a time when our careers were more or less shaped by the organisation we worked for because we were expected to be lifelong employees. Now it is rare for even the happiest of employees to spend their life with just one organisation. As a result of this shift in work culture we have to own our careers. We have to be responsible for shaping our future and making sure we are not being left behind by the tide of change.

The Global Procurement Capability Benchmark gives you this opportunity. Is the platform for you to compare yourself against your peers and to gain valuable data that puts you in control of your career? However, it is a two-way street because your results will help make a mark on the benchmark.
The New Year is a good time to reflect, so make 2018 the year you reflect on your procurement career through meaningful and comparable data. Let this be the year you take ownership of your procurement career and discover what you need to continue as a highly sought after procurement professional.



✓  Own and your career by taking IFPSM’s, complimentary online analysis for Procurement professionals

✓  Discover the skills you will need to progress your career by gain insights into your career journey and expertise.

✓ Make your mark in the first-of-its-kind inaugural benchmark to measure procurement skills and knowledge across the globe.

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