Our Top Read Blogs and What it Tells us About Procurement in 2023 – 4 Trends

Procurement, as a strategic function within organisations, requires a holistic approach to its strategy and operations. Strategic Procurement and Contract Management goes beyond cost-cutting. It enhances quality, mitigates risks, boosts efficiency, and fosters strong supplier relationships. This approach significantly impacts the organisation’s commercial efficiency and effectiveness. Talent and tools stand out as the twin pillars enabling Strategic Procurement to drive value and navigate risks effectively. This blog series captures the essence of this evolution, showcasing trends that are shaping the future of procurement.

1. Solving for Value

The pursuit of value creation is now paramount. It has shifted from a narrow focus on cost-cutting to a broader vision of delivering value. These discussions span various topics, from redefining success metrics to understanding supplier dynamics and navigating market fluctuations. They reflect a nuanced understanding of value as a multifaceted concept, integrating efficiency, quality, innovation, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. This comprehensive view aligns procurement with strategic organisational objectives, ensuring a balance between immediate gains and long-term benefits.

1. Measuring Procurement Success:

The blog ‘How do you measure procurement success?’ gained popularity by tackling a vital question in modern procurement: which metrics truly matter? Moving away from traditional cost-focused strategies, it explores how value creation signifies a deeper understanding of procurement’s role. This approach redefines success in procurement. It’s not just about how much money is saved, but about the wider value added to the organisation. A video case study linked in the blog illustrates this with a real-world example. It shows how a major Australian company improved its procurement, proving that value encompasses efficiency, quality, innovation, sustainability, and cost savings.

2. Understanding Negotiation Blunders:

The blog ‘Uncover the 27 common sales blunders’ struck a chord with its readers. It offers a look into the sales side of procurement. By understanding common mistakes suppliers make, procurement professionals can improve negotiations and relationships. This ensures they get the most value from their partnerships. In today’s procurement landscape, success isn’t just about choosing the lowest bidder. It’s about working with suppliers to encourage innovation, reliability, and long-term value.

3. Navigating Price Hikes:

The blog about suppliers’ price hikes focuses on a pressing issue in today’s volatile market: managing and mitigating the impact of rising costs from suppliers. This topic is particularly pertinent given the current economic climate, characterised by inflation and supply chain disruptions. The blog gained attention for its practical advice on managing challenges. It highlights procurement’s role in balancing value amidst external pressures.

4. Valuing SMEs in Government Procurement:

The blog ‘Opportunity Missed: Government’s ‘AusTinder’ Approach to Procurement Overlooks Value in SMEs’ addresses a key issue in public procurement. It argues that government processes often ignore the unique value of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This is a significant topic in the procurement community. It challenges the norm of preferring large suppliers and highlights the need to diversify supply bases. It also recognises the innovation, agility, and local benefits SMEs provide.

2. Solving for Risk

These top-ranked blogs emphasize the importance for procurement professionals to identify and manage risks effectively. Their popularity in 2023 shows a growing awareness in the procurement community about the importance of risk management. Procurement professionals must do more than just save costs and generate value. They are also responsible for guarding against risks that can disrupt projects and harm their organisation’s reputation.

Procurement teams are uniquely positioned at the interface between the enterprise and its suppliers. They possess the ability to understand the risks within the broader ecosystems and make predictive connections. This goes beyond risk management to encompass opportunities and innovations for the enterprise. The role of Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs) and similar positions is changing. They now focus on a broader strategy that includes holistic risk management. This is particularly important in managing third-party suppliers and the supply chain.

1. Spotting Red Flags in Procurement Fraud:

The blog “Spotting Red Flags in Procurement Fraud” resonated with professionals due to the growing awareness and concern over procurement fraud. With the increasing complexity of supply chains and the heightened financial stakes involved, the ability to identify and address fraud has become a crucial skill. This blog likely ranked highly because it tackles a sensitive and critical aspect of procurement risk – fraud.  

2. Risks Associated with High-Stakes Initiatives:

The second blog, “Risks associated with high-stakes initiatives”, gained attention for addressing the challenges in managing large-scale, high-stakes procurement projects. In such initiatives, the margin for error is slim, and the consequences of missteps can be severe, both financially and reputationally. The appeal of this blog lies in its focus on the strategic aspects of risk management, particularly in complex and high-value projects. 

3. You and Your Team

The human element in procurement has gained unprecedented focus in 2023. The top blogs of the year highlight the importance of human capital in procurement. This includes the expertise, knowledge, and skills of the team, crucial for driving excellence and innovation. This shift moves away from seeing procurement as just a function to viewing it as a human-centric field. Here, nurturing talent, encouraging professional growth, and empowering teams are key in a dynamic business world. These blogs stress that the future of procurement rests with its people, making talent development and management vital. The message is clear: the key to unlocking procurement excellence lies in the hands of its people.

1. Procurement Professionalism:

The blog “Be the modern procurement professional that your organisation needs” resonates strongly in the current landscape, emphasising the need for procurement professionals to adapt to the evolving demands of the role. This includes staying abreast of market trends, technological advancements, and changing regulatory landscapes. The high ranking of this blog can be attributed to its relevance in today’s fast-paced business environment, where procurement professionals must be agile, strategic, and technologically adept.

2. Unleashing Procurement Excellence:

Similarly, the blog “Unleash Procurement Excellence” highlights the pivotal role of procurement teams in driving organisational success. It likely ranked highly because it addresses the strategies and practices that lead to exceptional procurement performance. This involves mastering the fundamentals of procurement and embracing innovation, fostering collaboration, and leveraging data analytics for informed decision-making.

3. Building and Retaining Talent:

The blog “Discover the key to success – building and retaining talent” further underlines the emphasis on talent. The popularity of this blog suggests a growing recognition of the critical role talent management plays in procurement. Attracting, developing, and retaining skilled professionals are essential for maintaining a competitive edge. This blog likely provides insights into creating an engaging and rewarding work environment that nurtures talent and fosters long-term career development.

4. Improving Contract Management Capability:

The topic of enhancing contract management capabilities, as discussed in “improve contract management capability”, reflects the increasing complexity of contracts and the need for specialised skills in managing them effectively. The attention this blog received underscores the importance of having a team proficient in contract negotiation, compliance, and risk management, skills that are essential for protecting organisational interests and ensuring the success of procurement endeavours.

5. A Human-Centred Approach to Procurement:

The common thread weaving through these top-ranked blogs is their focus on a human-centred approach to procurement. The blog ‘The Human Approach to Procurement explores a key idea: while tools and processes are essential, the real drivers of success in procurement are strategy, negotiation, and implementation. This human-centric view emphasizes that procurement’s core isn’t just in methodologies or technologies. It’s in the people using these tools – their skills, insights, and decision-making abilities. This approach aligns procurement with broader organizational objectives, marking it as a crucial strategic function. It highlights the need to invest in developing and empowering procurement teams. Ensuring they have the right tools, skills, and an adaptive mindset is vital to thrive in an ever-evolving business environment. The focus on a human-centered approach reflects the changing role of procurement. It points to the necessity of balancing technological efficiency with human creativity and insight.

4. Tools to do your job

Integrating cutting-edge tools and data analytics into procurement processes is a defining trend of 2023. This year’s top blogs underscore the vital role of digital tools in procurement and contract management. They show how these tools improve decision-making, efficiency, and strategic insight. Topics range from AI in supplier relationship management to market research tools and using spend analytics to tackle modern slavery. These blogs depict a shift towards a data-driven, ethical, and strategic procurement approach.

1. Procurement Technology for Efficiency:

The blog ‘5 Ways Procurement Technology Can Help You Do More With Less’ stands out for its practical advice on using technology to boost efficiency and productivity. In a time where doing more with less is a common challenge, this blog explores how tech solutions can simplify procurement processes. It discusses automating routine tasks and allowing teams to focus on strategic aspects of their work. This focus on using technology to optimize resources is particularly relevant for procurement professionals facing tight budgets and growing demands.

2. AI in Supplier Relationship Management:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made significant inroads in various business functions, and procurement is no exception. The blog “Enhancing Supplier Relationship Management with an AI Co-Pilot” underscores the growing influence of AI in managing and strengthening supplier relationships. Its popularity can be attributed to the increasing recognition of AI as a valuable tool in analysing vast amounts of data, predicting trends, and providing actionable insights, thus enabling better decision-making, and fostering more collaborative and strategic supplier relationships.

3. Market Research Tools in Procurement:

The blog “Procurement’s Secret Weapon: Market Research Tools!” focuses on the pivotal role of market research tools in procurement. These tools provide deep insights into market trends, consumer behaviours, and competitive landscapes, which are crucial for making informed procurement decisions. The blog’s high ranking reflects the necessity for procurement teams to be well-versed in these tools, allowing them to identify opportunities, assess risks, and stay ahead in a dynamic market environment.

These tools will play an increasingly vital role in shaping its future, driving innovation, efficiency, and strategic value.


As we reflect on the insights gleaned from 2023’s top procurement blogs, it’s clear that the future of Procurement is vibrant and multifaceted. The cornerstone of today’s Procurement is the convergence of innovative tools, strategic risk management, human-centric approaches, and a relentless pursuit of value creation.

We invite you to join us in this journey of transformation and growth. Embrace the insights, apply the strategies, and participate in the exciting evolution of the procurement world.  Please share your thoughts, experiences, and strategies with us, and together, let’s shape the future of Procurement.

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